Troubleshooting Email Problems

Test your account in webmail to confirm the mail server is operational and the username and password for your account is correct.

All CompanyV hosted email accounts have webmail - if you do not know how to access webmail for your account call us.

First Install the Certificate! Click here for instructions!

Click here for Detailed Instructions for Outlook Express; Outlook 2005, and Outlook 2007

Common Problems Sending

Make sure your OS (Operating System) and Email software is all up to date!

If you are getting warnings from your Virus or Firewall programs please refer to the help for those products.

Some email software has problems remembering new account information. Try closing the application and restart your machine. Open the application again and double check all settings.

Install and check the certificate installation in Internet Explorer if you are using a microsoft application for email. Make sure you have installed the Certificate both as "Trusted Publisher" and as "Trusted Root Certification Authority". Check that you have enabled permissions on certificates for "server authentication" and "secure email".

Additional Errors and Problems

Authentication Errors and Relay Denied

Relay Denied errors and Authentication errors with our servers indicate a user is not providing the proper requirements for authentication.

Common causes: The Certificate installation has been altered or removed. Incorrect entery of username or password - spaces after username and/or passwords. Note: usernames are all lowercase and passwords are case sensitive.

Please check your settings:
Click here for Detailed Instructions for Outlook Express; Outlook 2005, and Outlook 2007

Different email software has different ways of setting up authentication. Our mail server requires authentication. There are different places within email programs to set this up - make sure that you have checked the box that implies Authentication Required for outgoing mail. You authenticate for incoming mail when you enter your username and password. This does not guarantee you will be able to send mail. Please refer to the links on this page for Installing the Certificate and the instructions for setting up your account.

Most email programs come with a comprehensive online tutorial. In Eudora, for example, the Help menu offers help on how to create messages, use attachments, transfer messages, and a host of other features. The Eudora website has great help: [Get help with Eudora] The Microsoft Site has help files for their software as well: [Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Solution Center]     Outlook 2007 Solution Center      [Outlook Express]      [ Entourage]

Relay Denied Errors: 550.5.7.1 Access denied

Why do these errors occur?

Due to the high volume of spam many ISP's subscribe to various "Blacklists". In addition many ISP's develop their own blacklists based upon spam they identify on their own networks. At CompanyV we do both.

Relay Denied errors generally occur when a senders IP address is detected in one or more blacklists

Outgoing from our servers

If you are sending email from a one of our servers and you receive this type of error:

Subject: Mail Delivery fails: returning message to sender
SMTP error from remote server after mail from (YOUR address will be here)
host (recipient server will be listed here) [] (ip address): 550.5.7.1 Access denied

Probable Causes:

  1. You are not properly authenticating with our outgoing server using ssl and the IP address provide by your local ISP for internet connectivity has been blacklisted.
    To resolve this issue:
    • please make sure all OS and application software is up to date on your machine
    • Make sure that all certificates and settings are installed and correct.
  2. The server for the person you are trying to "send to" is blocking email from our servers.
    To resolve this issue:
    • please copy the headers and the email message and send it to us and we will try to resolve with the recipient ISP
550 5.7.1 Access denied Incoming to our servers

If someone is sending YOU a message (and you are our customer) and the sender gets a message:

Subject: Mail Delivery fails: returning message to sender
SMTP error from remote server after mail from (sender address will be here)
host (One of the CompanyV mail servers will be listed here) [] (ip address): 550.5.7.1 Access denied

Probable Causes:

  • We are blocking the IP address of the sender either because it has been identified as being a sender of spam by our network or by a blacklist that we subscribe to.
  • The sender IP is part of a service block of IP addresses managed by a service provider that allows spammers on their networks.


Email Feedback Warnings and Reports

If you receive an email feedback report from CompanyV regarding email you sent that contains a notice that someone complained about an email you sent it is due to a complaint we received from a feedback loop with another provider. NOTE: We do not send warnings of account suspension that way - there are scams that do that! Please let us know if you do not understand an email you get from us!

iPhone won't send email

Go to mail settings:
1) Advanced button turn ssl off
2) Then go to to SMTP server settings and turn it on

If that does not solve the problem and you have all the settings correct you may need to delete the account and set it up again.

Max Message Size Exceeded

Attachments are tricky. Your attachment may be larger than it looks! A pdf that appears to be about 10MB on your local machine may actually be double that size when it goes through the cod crunching required to sent through a mail server. to see the size of an attachment through the mail server process - log into your account in webmail and attache the file (bee sure to click "add" after you find the attachment. You will see the file size after encoding and the limit.

More support

If you are a customer and could not find your issue or a solution to your problem please call us or open a Trouble Ticket [click here for trouble ticket form]. If the problem is on our end there is no charge for support! If the problem is on your end there will be a per incident charge. Per incident charges vary depending upon the maintenance agreement your have with us. If no agreement is in place the per incident charge is $85 minimum per incident.

If you are not an existing CompanyV Customer and would like to talk to us about services please call!

Technical support for client software running on customer machines is available at a "per incident rate": $85 plus $85 per hour after the first hour. Client software includes email programs, web browsers, FTP clients, etc. Our recommended software for email is Eudora.

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If CompanyV servers are delivering a failure message to incoming mail you can send an email to someone who is unable to email you - ask them to copy the entire delivery failure message and fill out the on this page: That link should also be in the delivery failure message they received.
CompanyV email account set-up instructions.

These instruction only apply to CompanyV Email customers. You would have received username, passwords plus incoming and outgoing mail server information from us by phone, fax, text or through another email account.

More information not required for set-up:

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