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Custom Intranet and Database Communications Tools

If you communicate with customers, employees and vendors online, perhaps you know how easy it is to forget to cc someone or to send an email that was not quite right - or to send it to the wrong person - or omit someone important.

We have developed a suite of tools that allows you to communicate properly within the guidelines of the anti-spam laws.

Running on a secure server you can control the communications - manage membership and customer lists and download current database information for local use.

NOTE: we do not sell this system to spammers and we will turn off your services if we even suspect that is what you are using it for.

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spam problems - no problem!


A powerful integrated application that recognizes that bandwidth is more costly than processing.

DeSpaminator cleans more than spam - it checks for virus and other file attachments or embedded objects that are either dangerous or wasteful of bandwidth. Read more about our DeSpaminator and WordPress Services: The CompanyV Wordpress Blog & Demo Site


Check your mail on a secure server from any remote location with internet connectivity.

DeSpaminator HELP

Help files are on every page of DeSpaminator explaining what to expect when you enable, disable or change scores. We have also included troubleshooting information, frequently asked questions and a glossary of terms.

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We have wonderful solutions for File Sharing!

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