Basic Websites

Need a Website - a Blog - a Twiki?

There are several different types of websites. Depending on the complexity the basic structure of it can change dramatically. If you just need a "WEB PAGE" with just a single page with some contact info and a logo then you probably don't need anything more than the cheapest of site services. But if you have a very large website with lots of pages of content and or need it to be updated frequently then we recommend our other services.

You get what you pay forů It is a lot like the difference between going to a large chain outlet to buy a suit or going and having one tailored to your needs. The first of the two is cut and dry "What you see is what you get" type of thing. No options. Where the Later of the two is everything you ever wanted, exactly the way you wanted it!

People often ask us to explain 'hosting' as a service.
Their questions range from:

"Is that my web site?"
"Is that where I get my email from?"
"Why do I need this service if I already have a web site?"
We can see that they need to know what to expect of a web hosting service. We believe in ' customer service ' right up front, so here's the ' lowdown ' on hosting...

A web site is kind of like owning an RV, but not having a big enough place in your own driveway to park it. So you 'rent' a space from people who have more space than you have (web server=more computer storage space, and faster connection - very fast, very expensive!).
Like most commercial property there are other people around who perform services: security, maintenance, and managers.
What if you have questions or need changes to your service?
We are there to answer questions.
In our company you can speak with a human being when you call - a bit odd for an internet business, we know - but then, we are unusual...
We take pride in our personal level of customer service.
And, yes, this is also 'where email comes from', but if you are squeamish about somewhat 'technical topics', we warn you that we will have to talk about 'mail servers' and 'SMTP' next if you want to know more!

If you want more info see our:
Frequently Asked Questions!

Our Hosting Services

We offer multiple levels of hosting and would be happy to discuss your needs to arrive at the perfect solution for you.

We could have filled this page with confusing rates and information about storage, back-ups, bandwidth and redundancy that most of our visitors would never understand.

To Keep it Simple

Standard Hosting is $85 per month and you get plenty of bells and whistles like email, log files and a preview area for designs in progress.

Beyond the Basics
Costs depend upon your specific needs.

If you require redundant delivery options, back-ups on more frequent basis, higher bandwidth than a normal site, a secure server for 128 encryption or any other special considerations we can work through your needs and accommodate you.

We have a zero SPAM tolerance on our servers.
If you intend to do any type of email promotions - you need to speak to us regarding our policy and standards.
If your needs do not agree with our requirements on our standard hosting servers we will facilitate your needs and make sure you can achieve your internet presence.
If you do not discuss your intentions with us and we discover you are endangering our services in any way we will immediately remove your services without warning and you will be charged disconnect charges.

Ask about our new DeSpaminator!