Corporation Squirrel Technology!


Our skilled team on SPAM patrol is going to make sure they get the nuts out of your Inbox!

eliminate spam problems

If you have ever spent time observing squirrels you may have observed that they are very clever!

They are also very determined to accomplish a task!

Get rid of spam

They have amazing work ethics!

delete spam from your email

No nut too tough to crack!

SPAM filters

Innovative and dedicated!

Get rid of spam

Need Technical Support? We answer the phones!

junk email problems can be eliminated

We work out all the time to be good at what we do!

Spam Solutions for business

The squirrel is our mascot - the one in the cert is called MA.

The one below is Phoeblette

She lives in a cypress outside the office and has followed customers into the office... um most of our customers are sort of nuts - so it figures - right?

Oh wait - if you are reading this you are probably a customer - oh but wait - YOU have more than likely not ever been to our office - so you are not nuts!

And those of you who have been to the office would not even ask - you know the squirrel - and you know who you are!

We are training others - so don't think we are just too squirreley to do business with!

We Have Squirrel Technology!
If you found an injured or orphaned Squirrel Click here!

Or you can make donations directly!

Squirrelmender Wildlife Rehabilitation
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Thousand Oaks, CA

A tax-exempt, non-profit permitted by the California Department of Fish and Game.


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Where we get our nuts!
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