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Internet Services - more than a website

Websites - FTP Drop - Email service - Spam and Virus scanners and filters - e-commerce - forms - database management - communications tools - collaboration spaces - message boards - custom applications
central business server hosting - enterprise solutions for data and email

Whatever you need - we can look at what you have in place and provide what you need.

We take pride in developing custom solutions in the most effective way possible. We drive solutions on cost effectiveness as well as scalability and real use needs and resources.

We do not "Over Design" and "Under Deliver"!

We design to accommodate your goals through best use of your existing resources and desired outcome.

We have developed custom solutions for both internet and intra-net systems that allow for secure management of database and communications.

If you are finding that off-the shelf solutions always seem to be lacking something - give us a call. If we can not provide a better solution - or a more cost effective one - we will tell you.

spam problems - no problem!


A powerful integrated application that recognizes that bandwidth is more costly than processing.

DeSpaminator cleans more than spam - it checks for virus and other file attachments or embedded objects that are either dangerous or wasteful of bandwidth. Read more about our DeSpaminator and WordPress Services: The CompanyV Wordpress Blog & Demo Site


Check your mail on a secure server from any remote location with internet connectivity.

DeSpaminator HELP

Help files are on every page of DeSpaminator explaining what to expect when you enable, disable or change scores. We have also included troubleshooting information, frequently asked questions and a glossary of terms.

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Need More than FTP?

We have wonderful solutions for File Sharing!

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