Spam "Tagging" Spam Filtering & Virus Scanning your email.

DeSpaminator & Webmail:
We scan and filter your email before you download it!

Our filtered mail service- DeSpaminator, gives you control over your email by allowing or rejecting and pre sorting incoming email on the webserver - before it ever gets to your Inbox! And it is based on preferences you can customize to your individual needs. You can turn this feature on and off yourself.

Our default settings are so clean you only have to click a button to turn it on to begin!

LOG IN - TURN ON - TUNE OUT spam, virus, junk...

Depending on your settings, you can opt not to see any email containing certain keywords you choose. For example, if you would rather not receive an email with the words "Free Home Loan Evaluations!!!" then you can simply blacklist those key words and DeSpaminator will filter out any email containing those words anywhere in the body or subject line.

Additionally, you can also filter out email from particular people. For example, if you'd rather not hear from "" then you can blacklist that email address and never hear from them again.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Getting rid of Spam in a nutshell

What it is... in a nutshell

We scan it...
We run it through some tests to see if it contains virus or other potentially dangerous stuff.

We test it...
Spam Tagging is achieved by a complex set of tests that are run on every aspect of the incoming mail. Based on a continuous learning system the program is updated regularly to meet the ever changing needs.

We clean it...
HTML sanitizer strips incoming HTML email messages and turns them into plain text.

Stripping the HTML will reduce bandwidth usage and disable any potentially hazardous functions that could be embedded in an html formatted email.

We sort it...
Depending on the score we either deliver the mail to your INBOX - or we place it in your webmail SPAM folder - and it only lives there for 30 days.


DeSpaminator is a sophisticated integration of tools that operate on the webserver. This is a monitored updated and maintained system that you subscribe to. As Spammers find new ways to get to you - we find new ways to identify and defeat them. A constantly evolving - continuous learning system.
Because your INBOX should be only mail you want! Bandwidth is more costly than CPU cycles.
Why download all that garbage and then throw it away?

We Get The Nuts Out Of Your IN Box!