FTP - Drops

If this is a new concept to you...

Let's start with 'FTP'
Possibilities are endless - 'Full Time Party', 'Funny Tall People', 'First Time Parachuter' - Well, the last one is the closest - you are dropping a big file in the middle of a big place so someone else can retrieve it - don't ask if they need a parachute...


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The File is Too Big,
but we don't call it 'FTB' ...

'FTP' is an acronym for 'File Transfer Protocol'.

Engineers, being polite people, have 'protocols' or a standard process to follow - so they get along in a civilized manner with each other. And they call the process of moving a file across the internet from your (local) machine to another space (server), a 'File Transfer Protocol'.

We can give you ACCESS to that BIG SPACE so you can 'drop' your file there and retrieve it later, or it can wait to be retrieved by another person you give access (user name and password) to.

ACCESS = User Name and Password

BIG SPACE = a web address (URL, i.e. ''

Wow - isn't this a lot of trouble just to put a big file somewhere?

Maybe, but the options of having your file sent as an attachment with an email message may expose it to the insecurities of email programs and email servers. Yes, you are still online, yes, you are still 'using the internet', HOWEVER, you are bypassing some vulnerabilities.

Who uses this type of service?

Graphic artists who need to preview for clients, demos of presentations that are meant for one client's eyes only (and you can ask us to check to see if they have 'looked' at the file = remember 'log analysis'?), files with information that needs to remain secure and password protected.

You probably have uses in your business you have not even thought of!

That's where our Business Services Consulting can scope out even the most obscure, but vulnerable, business process that could be streamlined by using an 'FTP' drop.

If you said, 'YES' - you had better call us; if you said 'NO' you have an attention span for more than sitcom TV; if you said 'DON'T UNDERSTAND THE QUESTION' - you must ride a bicycle or live in a city with great mass transportation.

Also see: Help using FTP Drops [click for the help files]

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Check your mail on a secure server from any remote location with internet connectivity.

DeSpaminator HELP

Help files are on every page of DeSpaminator explaining what to expect when you enable, disable or change scores. We have also included troubleshooting information, frequently asked questions and a glossary of terms.

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