Rates and Prices

Because we usually offer custom solutions, our rates show what we charge for set-ups and hourly rates. We do not have the same kinds of "package prices" as high volume hosting providers, however we do offer discounts based on agreements and work volume.

For CompanyV Services Overview: Click here for PDF

What we can tell you:

The following hourly rates cover most types of work:

CompanyV Hourly Rates
Work Type Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Programming $85.00 $95.00 $150.00
Tech Support $85.00 $125.00 $250.00
GUI & Graphic Design $85.00 $95.00 $150.00
Consulting $100.00 $150.00 $250.00

Hosted Services

Hosting Set-Up Fees

The minimum set-up fee for hosted services is $250. This is a one time nonrefundable fee for establishing services. Additional set-up fees may be required to provide specifically requested services or systems.

Hosted Sites Monthly Fees

The following monthly rates are the minimum monthly rates for most types of Hosted services:

CompanyV Monthly Hosting Packages
Hosted Service
Website Hosting $85.00 $125.00 $300.00
Hosted Backups $100.00 $150.00 $250.00
WordPress Hosting $85.00 $125.00 $300.00

CompanyV Secure Share WebDav

The rates cover most use types, please call for a consultation for how we may best serve your specific needs.

All secure share webdav accounts are backed up incrementally - nightly and full backups weekly. For additional backup plans please call!

CompanyV Personal Secure Share WebDav for Single Users

Set-up: $150.00
CompanyV Personal Secure Share WebDav
Single User Secure Shares
Personel Space 200 MB 500 MB 1 GB
Monthly $85.00 $150.00 $300.00

CompanyV Professional Secure Share WebDav for Teams

Pro Secure shares are established with mutiple users in mind. Please call for more information.

CompanyV Professional Secure Share WebDav
Multi-User Secure Shares
Pro Space Total 2 GB 4 GB 4+
Monthly $400.00 $500.00 call


We manage many successful campaigns and can set-it up and walk you through maintaining it your self - or we will monitor and maintain it for you!

Organic Search Findability Review

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation has become a fairly tire buz word - not to mention and endless source of SPAM for site owners.

We will not guarantee you a first page listing but we can tell you if your site is findable by your customers in an organic search. If not, we can either advise you as to what you need to do - or we can make the recommended changes for you.

We have saved customers thousands of dollars on ad campaings by making sure they are actually findable without ads for the core business they are in.

It really depends on your needs and the skills required to do the job.

Discounts and special arrangements

For large projects and special arrangements we may come to better terms on production costs and other services.

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    $85 min per incedent plus hourly charges after first hour.
  • HTML:
    $85 per hr
  • Scripting (JAVA, PERL, JS):
    $95 - $125 per hr
  • Copy Writing/Editing:
    $85 per hr
  • Consulting:
    $125 per hr - $350 per hour depending upon complexity
  • Add an email address:
    $25 per account plus 12.00 per month added to monthly hosting

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***Rush rates are
rate plus 20%
for turnaround of 24 hrs
and must be submitted MONDAY- THURSDAY
Normal changes with no additional fees can take up to a week - if longer turnaround time is required due to complexity we will contact you by phone - or email.
Need to schedule regular updates - want to save money?
Call us to discuss your projected needs - we can establish a monthly maintenance contract that gives you great rates on regularly scheduled updates.

We can also help with search engine placement and ranking - and more!
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