Introducing CVDataBack

Disaster Recovery for Optomists!

Smart businesses have some sort of disaster recovery procedure in place. Unfortunately they usually consist of single or multiple copies of drives and or tapes. Those tape and or drive backups need to be physically picked up or delivered by humans to a secure "off site" location. That alone can be a costly expense and depending on state regulations for certain business requirements, you could have 7 years of vulnerable tapes and or drives laying around...

It is not uncommon for error to occur. Whether its a natural disaster or just a freak accident. Bad things can happen to your tapes and or drives! Using CV BackUP you could have piece of mind knowing that all of your data is safe and secure in one or more off site locations . Cut down on office expenses without having the need to purchase tapes and drives. Save yourself wasted time and eliminate the need to physically backup or transport any of your data.

  • Backup Offsite Automatically
    • Servers
    • Workstations
    • Laptops
  • Backups available from any location at anytime
  • Store data from one or multiple locations
  • Restore on demand

Save Money and reduce stress simultaneously!

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3 Great things about our online data backup solution.


  • Backup Anything: Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Email, Exchange, SQL & MySQL databases, and other data from...
    Servers, Laptops & Desktops running...
    any OS: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux & FreeBSD


  • Military strength encryption up to 448 bits!
  • Powerful compression that ensures you use up a lot lesser space & bandwidth
  • Optimized back up of incremental data only (Intelli-Delta feature)


  • A backup is as good as it's ability to restore any version of the data you need.
  • An intuitive user friendly interface goes a long way towards facilitating better backup habits...