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Site Design and Implementation

We know that YOU know more about your business and your customers than we do. Our expertise is in translating your expertise to a customer-friendly web presence.

We have been delivering websites since before most people even heard of the internet. We were around before the dot com boom and survived its demise. We attribute our longevity to intelligent customers and our ability to find solutions to suit their individual needs and our commitment to take each of their businesses as seriously as we take our own.

We believe a website should behave with the same skills as your best sales person. Our goal is to present your business, deliver your message and work with you to identify and attract new customers and address your existing customers' needs.

What does a great site have?

  • Instant recognition that your customers have come to the right place.

To the eye:

  • A polished look and feel that speaks to your customers and blends with print collateral.
  • An intelligent user interface that encourages discovery and insures usability.

To the mind:

  • Information presented with elegance and clarity.
  • Easily accessible information and brilliantly forethought answers to questions specific to your area of expertise.

Behind the scenes:

  • Source code that legitimately attracts search engines to your business.
  • Professional source code that meets current web standards and allows for scalability.
  • Web hosting and mail services that provide security for your information as well as that of your customers.

A business website should showcase your knowledge of your customers and your unique experience and expertise in serving them. We pride ourselves in taking the time to learn about you and your customers -- and to discover what it is about your business that makes you outstanding in your industry. We weave that knowledge into every level of our design.

We start with ' learning ' your business as our first design step! Then we incorporate the 'look and feel' of your printed business material to present your business in the most polished manner possible.

If you don't have a look and feel that suites you - we will create one. If you need help developing a corporate identity, we can develop graphics that can be used for both your website and your print materials.

When "Off-the-shelf" isn't good enough!

We clear the air on Cloud services. Place your valuable data in a safe place not a vague place like a public cloud!

Websites - WordPress Design support and Hosting - Virtual Private Servers - VMs - Email - Backups - Tech Support - all things Internet!

Looking for a higher class email? with Spam & Virus Filtering plus Webmail and customer support?

Our servers detect and remove virus and spam from ever making it to your inbox!

Whatever your needs - if it involves Internet services - give us a call!

Hosted email - websites designed implemented and hosted - we can do that! Backups or Secure Shares or Virtual Private servers (VPS) - we can do that too!

Our spam solution can be configured to work with Exchange and will save you bandwidth, storage and backup space.

If CompanyV servers are delivering a failure message to incoming mail you can send an email to someone who is unable to email you - ask them to copy the entire delivery failure message and fill out the on this page: That link should also be in the delivery failure message they received.
CompanyV email account set-up instructions.

These instruction only apply to CompanyV Email customers. You would have received username, passwords plus incoming and outgoing mail server information from us by phone, fax, text or through another email account.

More information not required for set-up:

We Get The Nuts Out Of Your IN Box!

Email - Like it's supposed to be

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